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About Us

Founded in 1978, Associated Financial Advisors, Ltd. is a locally owned and operated Financial Planning Corporation and Registered Investment Advisor.  We were one of the first Registered Investment Advisors in the Central Valley and are one of the Valley’s oldest independent Financial Planning Firms.

Associated Financial Advisors, Ltd. is focused on investing your assets in a broadly diversified portfolio suited to your “risk personality.”  Our primary objectives are to:

  • Reduce Your Risk

  • Preserve Your Capital

  • Increase Your Income

  • Lower Your Taxes

  • Achieve Your Goals

We find that many investors don't fully understand the risk associated with their current investment allocation, or even what level of risk might be appropriate for them based on their age, income, family situation and future plans. When working with our clients, we aim for portfolio growth while managing a prudent level of risk that's acceptable to you. That's why we always listen to clients first. Once we know what's important to you, we can establish a plan to help you reach your goals and achieve a lifestyle that's important to and into the future. 

Why is there a need for Financial Planning? 

There's a common misconception that financial planning is only for the wealthy. But the economy has changed rapidly, the tax code is as complicated as ever, and technology has allowed for nearly anyone to become an active investor. That makes careful and informed financial planning a necessity, both for today's income earners as well as those anticipating an inheritance in the future. Financial planning may include investing, asset preservation, income tax mitigation, cashflow and budget planning, educational funding, financial risk management, charitable giving, retirement income planning, and/or intergenerational wealth transfer. Working with a trained and trustworthy financial advisor can be an effective way to help ensure you're able to live your life on your terms, while also leaving a legacy to future generations.

Why People Fail Financially

An old adage tell us that few people plan to fail, but many fail to plan. In fact, we often spend more time planning a two-week vacation than we do planning our entire financial future. It's easy to understand how this happens: We can't do what we don't know. And when it comes to the vast knowledge required for successful financial planning, most of us just don't have the expertise, education, and credentials necessary to achieve our lifetime goals. That's where we come in, helping our clients fill in these simple and common knowledge gaps:

  • Inability to set realistic financial goals
  • Ignorance of how money grows and how long it takes
  • Incomplete understanding and application of our tax laws 
  • Believing the market can only go up
  • Confusion about the effects of inflation
  • No protection against loss of income
  • Buying the wrong kind of insurance
  • No plans to avoid the loss of capital
  • Faulty or no estate planning

Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.