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Our Process

At Associated Financial Advisors the Financial Planning process has six major steps:

  1. Initial Consultation.  It allows us to explain our service in depth and discuss the potential benefits and procedures involved in developing a personalized financial strategy.

  2. Data Collection.  Once a decision is made to develop a strategy, we will need copies of certain personal documents, such as: wills, insurance policies, tax returns, bank and investment statements, and other documentation.

  3. Analysis. We then apply the personal standards and goals that you have expressed to developing an action plan for you.

  4. Recommendations. From among the alternatives developed we determine, with you, which of the potential solutions is the most desirable in achieving your goals. It is during this process that your risk tolerance, objectives, and overall approach will have the greatest impact on plan strategies and implementation.

  5. Implementation.  After the necessary decisions have been made, we will begin the implementation process to facilitate proper and timely execution. This is a critical step as decisions without actions are useless.

  6. Servicing.  The cycle does not end with the implementation of your plan. We provide on-going service and answer any questions or make any requested changes as strategies and tactics are altered or as anticipated facts change.

Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.